How to transfer any files from mobile or pc using wifi via shareit?

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Video Tutorial on How to share files from pc or mobile via wifi

We are going to see how to transfer any files from mobile or pc using wifi via shareit.
And it is free no need of internet. Let’s get started.
In case in your PC might not have wifi inbuilt, like mine, no need to worry about it. You can install regular Wi-Fi router which may or may not connected to internet. Like this.

Now I assume wi-Fi router is connected to your pc using LAN wire like this and you have installed wireless connection. Meaning you have a wifi username and password to get connected.
If you are using laptop, then just connect to this wifi connection directly no need of LAN wire.

Now connect your mobile to this wifi so that your pc and mobile will use same wifi network.

  • In your mobile, go to system setting.
  • Click on wifi.
  • Your wifi network will show here. Just click on it.
  • Type wifi username and password to get connected.

Now Install Shareit application both in your mobile and PC or laptop.

Go to to get the installation file. Install it as regular installation.

Now all setup is done. You can share files easily just couple of clicks.

  • Open shareit both in mobile and pc by clicking on shareit icon.
  • Click on top left profile icon in your mobile.
  • Click on connect to pc. Make sure your shareit app is also open in pc.
  • You will now see wifi network name in your mobile screen. Click on it.

Congrats you are now connected. You are ready to share files between pc and mobile.
For example.
In you mobile click on files, click on music tab.
Select the music files by touching on file names.
Click on next button to transfer files.
Now in your pc, files have been received. You can browser the files.

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